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How To Measure Your Ring Size? 

Are you planning to give yourself a new ring? Or are you getting engaged and you are hinting at your boyfriend with your favorite ring? If yes then great, you are in the right place. Before buying any ring it is important to measure your ring size properly using a ring size chart. This can be done by going to any known jewelry shop, asking the expert to measure your ring size, and then ordering the ring you had your eyes on. But in case the jeweler is not in your reach and you have to do it at home then be careful. 

According to the Newyork Popular Jewellery store, your Ring should sit on the finger comfortably, it should be snug enough so it will not fall off and loose enough to move easily within your finger. 

To help you find your right ring sizes, our jewelry experts do this complete guide on how to measure your ring size. It includes ring size charts, Tips to measure your ring size at home, and important things to consider before finalizing the ring size. 

This guide will help many couples who are getting engaged in the near future. 

How to Measure your Ring Size with String, Ruler, and Paper? 

If you are buying a ring for yourself then it’s easy to measure your size, take a jewelry expert’s help or do it at home by just following some simple and easy tips. But in case you are planning to gift a ring to your partner and it’s a surprise, then the first thing to do is ask his/her parents and friends. Hopefully, they will tell you the truth without raising an eyebrow. Or get your hands on the Existing ring, they love to wear and measure its diameter. 

Also, you can use the standard Ring size guide to make better decisions. According to the Experts, the standard ring size for women (teenage girls) ranges from size 3 to size 9. Also, The most commonly purchased women’s ring size is between 5 and 7 on average. Size 6 is the most popular among women. On the other hand, The average ring size for men ranges from size 6 to size 13. The most common size of men’s rings ranges between 8 to 10.5 and 9 size is the most popular among men. 

If you are trying to measure your Ring size chart UK at home then take the help of a ring size chart. There are many different techniques to measure your ring size at home. The most helpful is measuring ring size using a string, Ruler, and paper. Carefully follow the steps mentioned below. 

Measure your Ring Size Using these Steps: 

  • Take a string, it could be a common thread or a piece of dental floss. 
  • Now wrap it around the bottom of your finger. 
  • While using a pen mark where the two ends meet. 
  • Now use Ruler to take readings in mm. 
  • Now repeat the same steps twice or thrice to make sure that you are doing it right. 
  • Once you have readings on paper now take the help of Ring Size Chart Online. 

Note: There are different men’s ring size charts and Women’s ring Size charts available on different websites. (Online Jewelry websites most commonly). Open the reliable Uk ring size chart to take perfect measurements. 

Use the Existing Ring: 

You can measure your ring size by using the existing Ring. if you have a ring that fits comfortably on your ring finger, it’s not too tight, nor too loose then great. Take this ring and place it over a Ring Size chart. Remember Ring sizes charts in cm and mm both are available online. Find the most reliable one and take a printout (you can use a laptop/smartphone screen too) but a Printable is more authentic and reliable. 

Now place your ring on the circles until you find the one that matches up with the inside circumference of your ring. Take readings carefully and send them to a Respective jewelry shop. 

Buy your own ring Sizer: 

Ring size is the best way to measure your ring size at home. Many jewelry experts also have different kinds of ring sizers at their shops. Ring sizes are easily available at different online stores including amazon.com. All you need to do is Order one and measure the ring size more accurately. 

Tips To Make sure your Find the Correct Ring Size: 

Measuring a ring size correctly could be critical sometimes. Of course, we are no experts so it’s better to keep some simple tips in mind while taking our finger measurements. These tips might seem simple but they help you a lot in taking the right measurements. 

  • Your finger size varies over the course of the day. Keep in mind that temperature affects the finger size too. If you are too warm the finger size will expand, but in case you are too cold, your fingers will shrink automatically. So before measuring a ring size make sure your hands are at normal temperature. Also, take both measurements, when fingers are warm and cold. And then you select a size in between. 
  • Also decide first, in which hand you want to wear this ring. The size of the dominant hand is slightly bigger than the other hand. So be sure about the hand you are supposed to wear your ring. 
  • While measuring the size with string and paper, make sure that you are not holding them tightly or loosely. Change the string size continuously and stop where it gets comfortable. 
  • If your knuckles are bigger than the bottom of your finger then take knuckle size too (using the same Sting and paper technique). Take measurements and find the right size using a Ring size chart.
  • For the best results measure 3-4 times. Make sure you are taking the correct measurements. 
  • While using the existing ring, always measure the diameter of the ring. 

What Happens When Your Ring is Resized? 

According to the Head of Commerce in the Diamond Factory, “Ben Stinson” stated a very interesting reason. He said many people get their ring sizes wrong. Almost 33% of engagement rings come back for resizing at our factory. There are many chances of getting your ring size wrong. In case your ring size is not correct and you are looking for resing then it’s okay. Send it back to the jewelry expert and let them do their job. 

When the ring is resized either a small metal part is cut down, or added to the existing amount of metal. In both cases, there might be some slight changes in the appearance of the ring ( they are negligible most of the time) 

The jewelry experts have special standards to ensure the quality of the ring once it is resized. The rings are polished again before returning them to the respective customers. 

Rings That can’t be Resized: 

Always remember some rings can’t be resized because of their designs and the stones used. Before ordering any ring from the online store or Jewelry shop, it’s important to discuss the ring resizing procedure and details with the Representative.